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Why can’t I log in to My Vodafone?

Username or password

Entering your username or password incorrectly is the most common login problem. If you think this may be the problem, discover what you need to do to reset your username and password

It’s worth remembering that both your username and password are case sensitive.

Locked account

After 3 incorrect login attempts your account will be locked. If this happens, just speak to an adviser on Live Chat

Extra security check

To keep your account safe and secure, we’ll ask you to complete an extra security check after entering your username and password. We’ll send you a security code, to your Vodafone mobile, home phone or other number that you’ve nominated. This will be valid for 20 minutes. You can request another code if necessary.

Some Mobile Broadband devices may not be able to receive text.

If you’re being asked to enter your security code several times, we recommend clearing your web browser’s cache.