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What is a SIM swap and when should I do this?

A SIM swap lets you to keep your current Vodafone number when you get a replacement SIM. YouȂll need to do this if you have a new device that requires a different- sized SIM (for example if youȂve upgraded), if your device is lost or stolen, or if your SIM is damaged.

To swap your SIM, just complete one of the following simple procedures.

My current SIM is working

  • Use our simple online SIM swap tool
  • You’ll receive a security code, by text, to complete the swap so make sure you have your device to hand

My SIM was lost, stolen or damaged

  • If you have a Pay monthly SIM, please complete our online SIM swap form
  • If you have a Pay as you go SIM, or you’re unable to complete the form, please call 191 (freefrom your Vodafone mobile) and one of our advisers will be able to help.

If you can’t complete either form, please contact us

Note: Before you swap your SIM you’ll need to:

  • Have your new SIM ready as you’ll need the SIM number from the back of your replacement SIM
  • Have all your content transferred to your new device or your computer, if you’re upgrading