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How do I manage my Vodafone Wallet or Smart Pass?

Can I switch Vodafone Wallet on or off?

For your security, you can switch the mobile payment functionality on or off whenever you want.
Just tap the ‘on/off’  Image result for on off button button next to your chosen card, or you can switch off NFC within the app instead, by tapping the NFC button  Image result for nfc symbol . Remember, while Vodafone Wallet is switched off you can’t use it for contactless payments.

Can I temporarily block the payment functionality?
You can disable the NFC functionality in your phone settings, or directly in the Vodafone Wallet app, by clicking on the ripple icon at the top right of the main screen.

 How do I remove Vodafone SmartPass from Vodafone Wallet?

Select the Vodafone SmartPass icon and tap the menu button on the top right of your app home screen

  • Choose ‘Delete card’
  • Once confirmed, the SmartPass digital card will be removed from the Vodafone Wallet app

Please note that deleting a payment card from your Vodafone Wallet does not close your Vodafone SmartPass account. To do this you need to contact our designated team on 01635 692 198 (standard call charges apply) or by email at