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My broadband is slow. How can I make it faster?

A slow broadband speed could be caused by a range of issues. Here are some things you can try to improve it by checking your computer, Vodafone Broadband router or Wi-Fi network.

Your computer

  • To get the highest levels of performance and security on your computer, update it regularly with the latest versions of the operating system, web browser(s) and software
  • Viruses, malware and spyware don’t just slow down your computer, but your broadband speed too. So make sure you install our recommended anti-virus software. It uses F-Secure SAFE – an easy-to-use use web portal that keeps all your devices secure and protects your everyday activities, from browsing to online banking. It can also help you find missing devices – and wipe them remotely if a device has been lost or stolen
  • Check if you’ve got any apps or software running in the background. They’ll use up your bandwidth and slow things down – so try closing them
  • If you have lots of devices online at once, these could slow your speed down so you may need more bandwidth. Switching some of these off could help

Your Vodafone Broadband router

  • Connect your router directly to your home’s main phone socket instead of an extension socket. You’ll probably find the main socket in your living room or hall, where the phone line enters your house
  • For some sockets, it’s also a good idea to connect your router using a microfilter. This looks like a telephone adapter that connects a phone and router cable to one line. It allows your broadband to work at the same time as your landline service, and stops interference. For more information, read the Simple setup guide that came with your Vodafone Broadband router
  • Leave plenty of space around the router. If there are large, heavy objects or other electronic devices near it, they’ll reduce your wireless signal strength. These could be anything from TVs and microwaves to baby monitors, wireless printers and cordless phones
  • If another wireless device (even next door) is using the same channel as your router, they could compete for the airwaves. To change the channel in the online portal, you need to be at home and connected to your Vodafone Broadband router:
  • Connect to and log in to your Vodafone Broadband router
  • Enter your Vodafone Broadband password, which you’ll find on the back of the router
  • Choose the Advanced tab
  • Then go to Advanced Wi-Fi
  • After that, select the Channel setting and choose another channel from the drop-down menu
  • Click Update Channel
  • Click Apply

If your speed is still slow, switch off your computer and your Vodafone Broadband router (by pushing the on/off button on the back or by unplugging it from the mains). Wait 60 seconds, then switch both on again – first the router, then your computer.

Your Wi-Fi network

  • A wireless connection will be slower than a fixed one. Try connecting your computer with an Ethernet cable and only using your Wi-Fi for mobile devices
  • Make sure you’ve changed the default password for your Wi-Fi network. You can change the password in the Vodafone Broadband app or in the online portal. If you don’t do this, it could be possible for others to use your broadband – and get access to your computer and personal information too
  • The web is usually slowest when most people use it (such as on weekday evenings and Sundays). If you want to do some heavy streaming or downloading, choose off-peak times like late at night or use the Boost feature to focus a greater share of the signal on one device
  • If your wireless signal is weak in parts of your home, try Powerline adapters – these are available from all good electronics retailers. They use your existing electrical wiring to send a signal between your devices and your Vodafone Broadband router – so you’ll get a great connection in any room with a power socket