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How do I set up conference calling?

It's free to join a conference call – you'll only be charged if you start it. You're charged for the number of people you invite to join the call. For example, if you set up a call lasting 15 minutes with 2 other people, you'll be charged for 30 minutes.

Like any other call, the minutes you use for your conference call will come out of your allowance.

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You can speak to up to six people at once on a conference call.

You need to have a Pay monthly or business account to start a call. If you're on Pay as you go, you can't start a call, but you can be invited to join one.

You can invite people to join whatever network they're on – including mobiles and landlines.

Set up and add people

  1. Call the first person you want to invite
  2. Press Add call (if you're on an Android device, you might need to press Menu to see this)
  3. Call the second person you want to invite
  4. Press Merge calls to join everyone together

Add more people:

  • Press 2 to put the conference on hold
  • Call the next person
  • Press 3 to add them

Drop people and end the call

To end the conference for everyone, press 1 then Send.

You can remove people from the call if you started the call:

  • Press 1
  • Press the number of the caller
  • Press Send

For example, if you want to drop the third person who joined – 1 3 Send.

Make another call at the same time

To let the others carry on without you, press 2 and then Send. Then you can make or receive a call as usual.

To swap between your call and the conference call, press 2 and then Send.

To end your call and go back to the conference, press 1 and then Send.


Set up a three-way conference call:

  1. Dial the number of the first person
  2. Ask them to hold, then press R on your phone's keypad
  3. Wait for the dial tone, then dial the second person's number
  4. Once they've answered, press the R key again, then press 3
  5. Now all three of you can speak together

End a three-way conference call:

  1. To end the call for the first person you dialled in, press R, wait for the dial tone, then press 5
  2. For the second person, press R, wait for the dial tone, then press 7

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