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Understanding the lights on your router

Vodafone router VOX 2.5

1.  Power light:

  • Red and stable means your power is on (unless you’ve turned this off in the Vodafone Broadband app or the online portal).
  • Slow pulsing red means your router is connecting to the internet
  • Rapidly flashing red – please restart your router using the router setup guide [8.5MB PDF]
  • If the lights don’t appear straight-away, please don’t unplug or switch off your router for 60 minutes as it may interrupt the set-up process

2. Internet light (green/red):

  • Stable green means you’re connected to the internet
  • Slow pulsing green means it’s connecting to the internet
  • Stable red means it isn’t connected to the internet. Check that your cables are correctly connected and then restart the router using the power switch

3. Wi-Fi light: 

  • Stable green means the Wi-Fi is active
  • Slow pulsing green means there are no Wi-Fi devices connected to the router
  • Flashing green means it’s establishing a WPS-pairing connection

Please note: Your internet and Wi-Fi lights are turned off by default to save power. If you hold your hand above the router for a few seconds, they will turn on.