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How can I check for network issues in my area?

In the My Vodafone app

The easiest way to check the network status in your area is by downloading and using the My Vodafone app. Please note: although the app is free, downloading it will use a small amount of data unless you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, choose Network satisfaction from the main menu. After you choose Coverage checker, you’ll then be given the option to search by place name or postcode, or by using your current location, providing your location services are activated. Our device guides can show you to turn these on.

If you’re experiencing network problems, you can share any feedback or frustrations about your signal or our network performance. In return, we’ll give you a 250MB UK data bonus to use for seven days.

From the main menu, choose Network satisfaction then Network Guarantee. Answer three simple questions, hit submit and you’re done. And if you don’t have a data connection, your message will be sent as soon as you’re back online.

Please share as much feedback as you want, but bear in mind that you can only collect one data bonus every 30 days.

In your My Vodafone account online

You can check the network status in your area by:

  • Entering your post code to view issues in the area
  • Using the 'zoom out' feature to see a wider area, as the mast might be some distance away

If there are known issues in the area, you can register for updates.

Planned maintenance events also display on a separate tab. If there are no known issues in the area, contact us and one of our technical team will look into it for you.