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Which customers are affected by the new mid-contract price increase?

New and upgrading customers taking up new contracts from 5 May 2016 will have this price increase included in the terms of their contract.

The increase is linked to the Retail Price Index (RPI). We’ll use the RPI figure set in March each year and apply the change in April, starting in 2017. We’ll be making it clear to all customers what they can expect when they sign up, as well as in our terms and conditions

If you’re an existing customer and you took up your contract between April 2014 and 5 May 2016, you’re still covered by our Fixed Price Promise and there’ll be no change to your monthly contract.

If you’re an existing customer and your contract began before April 2014, you’ll also see the RPI price increase in April 2017 as you’ll be out of your 24-month contract.

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