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How can I avoid bill shock as a result of using Charge to Bill?

Every time you buy something using Charge to Bill, we’ll text you a receipt to confirm your purchase.

We also recommend:

  • Regularly checking your balance, allowance and bill and credit amount on My Vodafone or the My Vodafone app
  • Pay as you go customers can also check their credit by calling *#1345# free from their Vodafone mobile

There may be a 48-hour delay before transactions show on your bill or on your credit balance.

If you’re the account holder, you can prevent someone from using Charge to Bill by adding Charge to Bill and Premium Rate bars to the device.

To do this, log in to or register for My Vodafone and follow these steps:

  • Choose the device you want to add the bar to and select See usage details
  • Choose Managed services
  • Pick Bars
  • Choose Charge to Bill/Premium Rate bar