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What are ARPs and LBOs and how do they affect me when I’m abroad?

An Alternative Roaming Provider (ARP) is any European mobile phone provider who we’ve authorised to provide our customers with local-rate data, minutes and texts while they’re in Europe. Customers must register with a provider before using them as their ARP and can only use one throughout Europe.

A Local Break-Out (LBO) provides Vodafone customers with local rate roaming data while they’re in Europe. Customers may register with multiple LBOs in Europe.

However, proposed changes to European roaming charges have meant that Vodafone has not yet signed any ARP or LBO agreements with other European providers. This may change in future and we’ll notify customers in due course.

In the meantime, Pay monthly customers who started their contract after 5 May 2016 can enjoy Inclusive roaming as part of their bundle. Pay monthly customers who bought their bundles before that date can save with EuroTraveller, while Pay as you go customers can save with EuroTraveller on Pay as you go

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