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How can I top up my tablet, Mobile Wi-Fi device or data dongle?

There are different ways to top up your tablet, iPad, Mobile Wi-Fi device or data dongle. 


Without registering

To top up using a voucher, debit or credit card without an online account, just visit our TopUp page and follow the simple steps.

Make sure you choose the tablet, Mobile Wi-Fi device and data dongle option to get the right data bundle for your device.

You’ll need to enter your mobile data number (starting 07), debit or credit card number, or voucher code, so keep these handy.

My Vodafone

Follow these steps to top up using your credit or debit card or a TopUp voucher:

  1. Register or log in to My Vodafone
  2. Choose Top-ups and payments followed by Activate voucher
  3. Follow the simple step-by-step guide – make sure you have your mobile data number (starting 07) and debit or credit card number or voucher code handy
  4. Save your card details to make topping up even faster next time

If you’re using a TopUp voucher, you’ll need to activate it first and then buy a data pack with the credit. If you don’t convert the credit, you won’t get more data.

You can buy up to five data packs, each running for 90 days. They’ll start one after another – your next one will start as soon the one you’re using expires (day 90). You can see which one this is as it’ll say ‘To use next’ alongside it.

By voucher

If you prefer, you can buy a TopUp voucher from your nearest Vodafone store or any of 90,000 stores where you see the green TopUp logo. You can then use it to top up online too.

By phone

Call 03333 044 775 free from any landline or mobile number, choose option 1 and enter your mobile data number (starting 07) to top up your device. You’ll also need to enter your debit or credit card number.

Top up your iPad

Go to Settings > Mobile data > View account and then:

  1. Enter your login details
  2. Choose your top up amount
  3. Wait for the on-screen confirmation that everything’s been done