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What happens to my Vodafone Together discount if I switch mobile network?

I only have one mobile plan

You won't be able to get the Vodafone Together discount if you only have one mobile plan with us and you use your PAC or STAC code to leave. This means your monthly bill will go up.

We'll let you know when your discount has been removed.

Don't forget, you can add another phone plan to your account at any time to unlock the Vodafone Together discount again, as long as you have Vodafone Home Broadband on the same account.

I have multiple mobile plans

As long as you still have a mobile plan with us, you'll get a Vodafone Together discount.

If you have more than one mobile plan and Vodafone Home Broadband, you'll keep your discount if you use your PAC or STAC code to join a different provider for only one of those plans.

The discount that you can get with your other mobile plans might be different to the one you currently have. Please check which Vodafone Together discounts you'll be able to get

We'll let you know when any discounts are removed or added to your bill.

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