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What will my early termination fee (ETF) be?

We're sorry you're thinking of leaving. If there's something we can do to make things better, please start a Live Chat and speak to one of our advisers.

Your last bill may include any early termination fee (ETF) you need to pay for ending your contract early. You must pay everything you owe us.

Text INFO free to 85075 to find out how much it will be.

How we calculate your ETF

  1. We add together all outstanding monthly charges for the remainder of your minimum term (agreed as part of your contract), taking into account any recurring monthly discounts to which you are entitled, calculated at a daily rate
  2. We then take off VAT at the current rate
  3. We then take off 2% for early receipt of payment to get the final charge you owe us (this doesn't apply to business customers)
  4. If you have any credits on your account, we'll take these off the total amount you owe


Your monthly charge is £45 a month, and you have six-and-a-half months left until the end of your minimum term. You also have a recurring monthly discount of £10. We multiply £35 (£45 - £10 discount) by six-and-a-half, totalling £227.50, and take VAT off that figure, leaving it at £189.58. Finally, we take 2% off that figure, making your final Early Termination Fee £185.79.

Your ETF will be applied from the moment you use your PAC or STAC code to switch network. Please don't cancel your Direct Debit with us until we take payment for your final bill.

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