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I’m leaving Vodafone – what will happen with my bills?

We’re sorry you’re leaving us. If you haven’t given us your notice yet, find out how to cancel your account

We'll keep billing you as normal until your disconnection date. So that you can continue to log in to My Vodafone to check your bills after you’ve disconnected, we’d recommend that you set up an alternative contact number to receive the security code we send you.

After you've been disconnected, your final bill could contain the following details: 

  • Line rental (or a credit, if you’ve paid for rental you won’t now use)
  • Usage charges
  • Extra services
  • Early exit fees (if you're leaving before the end of your minimum commitment period, or without giving us 30 days' notice)

If you've recently been abroad, it's possible that any charges you’ve incurred there will take a couple of months to appear on our billing system – so you could receive bills from us for up to two months after disconnecting.

Please don't cancel your Direct Debit. Once your mobile number is disconnected we won't continue to charge you for it, and it’s much easier to collect the final payments with the Direct Debit still active. If you've already cancelled it and need to pay, call us on 03333 040 191 from any UK phone (standard call charges apply).