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How much will it cost if my device is lost or stolen?

You might have to pay for any unauthorised use if your device is lost or stolen.

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Pay monthly customers 

Let us know within 24 hours, and we’ll cover the cost of any unauthorised use over £100. This means you’ll only need to pay up to £100 for any unauthorised use that’s not part of your allowance. 

Let us know within five days, and we'll will cover the cost of any unauthorised use over £500. 

You'll still need to pay your monthly line rental after you've reported your device as lost or stolen.

Pay as you go customers 

Someone else can use your remaining credit until we block your SIM. You won't need to pay for any additional unauthorised use.

Business customers 

You're responsible for paying for any unauthorised use until you let us know your device has been lost or stolen

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