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My device has been lost or stolen – what should I do?

Contact us

You should contact us as soon as possible to report your device lost or stolen:

•    Call 191 – free from any Vodafone mobile
•    From a landline or non-Vodafone mobile, call 0333 304 0191 –  (standard call charges apply)
•    If calling from abroad, dial +44 7836 191 191 –  (free from any Vodafone mobile, standard international call charges apply from non-Vodafone mobiles or landlines)
•    Alternatively chat to us online using the button below

Once you notify us, we’ll block your SIM and your device’s IMEI (serial number) to prevent others from using it. Lost or stolen phones can be used to rack up hundreds or thousands of pounds in call charges. However, as long as you report the theft or loss of your phone within 24 hours, the maximum amount you’ll need to pay will be £100.

Other things to complete

  1. If your phone’s been stolen, you must also report it to the police as you’ll need a crime number for insurance purposes.
  2. If you have Vodafone Covered Insurance, you should call our claims team on 0333 304 3346 (standard call charges apply) from the UK, or call +44 7836 191 191 if calling from abroad. If you have your own insurance, please get in touch with your insurer as soon as you can.
  3. If you’ve set up Vodafone Pay or Vodafone Wallet and added any debit or credit cards or linked to a PayPal account, you’ll need to contact the Vodafone Pay team on 0800 0148 902 (free from UK landlines and mobiles) – they will disable any payment methods.
  4. You should change your passwords for any internet accounts used on your device – such as email accounts, Facebook or online banking.
  5. If you have an iPhone and you have ‘Find my iPhone’ active, you can turn on Lost Mode – this allows you to lock and erase your device remotely. Apple Pay on the device will also be suspended when you put your device in Lost Mode. If you don’t have ‘Find my iPhone’ active, you should change your Apple ID password – this will stop anyone accessing your iCloud data.
  6. If you have an Android device, you can use the feature “Find my Device” – this allows you to lock and erase your phone remotely.