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How can I find out what’s wrong with my device?

Many issues with a device can be solved by carrying out some quick checks. It’s worth trying these at home before visiting a store or sending your device away for repair.

Try the following:

  • If your screen isn’t responding or apps aren’t opening correctly, try restarting your device
  • Occasionally removing your battery for 30 seconds can help, but you can’t do this on all devices
  • If your phone is slow or unresponsive, you can free up some memory by removing any apps you don’t use
  • You can also free up memory by deleting old data (such as texts and photos)
  • Update your operating system to the latest available version (ensuring your device is fully charged so the process doesn’t fail). You’re usually prompted to update, but you can find updates in your device settings
  • If you’re having issues charging your phone, try an alternative phone charger to check whether the issue is battery or charger-related
  • Perform a factory reset

If there’s a physical problem with your device (such as a cracked screen) that can’t be solved through our online services or software updates, you may need to book your device in for a repair

If you’re not sure how to use some of the features on your device, or you have a specific problem with it, you can also check our device guides for some helpful advice and guidance.