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How do I register for My Vodafone?

You’ll need the following information to register for My Vodafone

  • Your Vodafone mobile – you’ll need this to receive the security code we’ll text you. For tablets or data dongles you can register from the device on which Vodafone Mobile Connect software is installed
  • Your account number or PIN – you only need this if you’re a Pay monthly or business customer and want full access to your billing details online
  • Your email address

Registering as a Vodafone Home Phone customer and don’t have a Vodafone mobile number? Just enter your Vodafone Home Phone number, and we’ll text your security code. You’ll hear the text on your home phone as an automated message.

How to register

  • Go to My Vodafone and select Register now. Then just follow the instructions.

Tablets, data dongles or Mobile Wi-Fi devices

You can register with your 11-digit mobile number.

On iPad, the security code will appear as a pop-up. We recommend making a note of it because the code will disappear after a short time.

For data dongles, you’ll need to use the computer you’ve installed the dongle on. If the security code doesn’t appear as a pop-up, it’ll be on your dongle dashboard.