Need some help?

I’m having issues with my login security code, what should I do?

When you should get the code

You should get your security code instantly. It's valid for 20 minutes.

How you receive it depends on your device:

  • Mobile - text
  • Landline - call
  • Tablet, dongle or mobile broadband device - pop-up

I don't have the security code

If you don't get your security code in a few minutes, ask for one again.

If you still don't have your code, ask for it to be sent to a different number if you have one registered on your account.

I've got more than one code

If you've asked for more than one code, use the most recent one - the older codes won't work.

Check if you've blocked messages from Vodafone

Make sure you haven't blocked calls or messages from Vodafone in the past, as this may stop the security code coming through.

Check your phone settings:

  • Android - go to Messages > Settings > Blocked
  • Apple - go to Settings > Messages > Blocked

I've tried everything and I'm still not getting a security code

If you're still not getting the code, or you don't have the phone that the code is being sent to, please chat to us online

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