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What do I do if I’m having problems completing the extra security check to log in to My Vodafone?

Requesting a security code

We can send a security code to any number registered on your account. You’ll see these listed in a drop-down on the login page.

Make sure the device associated with your chosen number is within easy reach when you receive the code.

If you need a security code and only have a dongle, you’ll need to be at your computer.

Receiving the code

  • You should receive your code instantly, and it’ll be valid for 20 minutes
  • We’ll send the security code to the number shown on your screen
  • On iPad, the code will appear as a pop-up
  • For dongles, the code will appear either as a pop-up on your computer or on your mobile broadband dashboard


Didn’t receive your security code?

You can either repeat the steps you took when you originally requested your code – or ask for the code to be sent to a different number if you have one registered on your account.

We’d recommend that you set up an alternative contact number on your account (this can be any UK mobile or landline). The benefits of doing this are that you’ll still be able to log in to My Vodafone if you don’t have your Vodafone device with you, if you’re away from your home, or if you’ve left Vodafone and want to check your bills.

If you’ve been asked to complete the extra security check several times, try clearing your web browser’s cache. Please note: this won’t work for login issues on the My Vodafone app.

Finally, make sure that you haven’t blocked calls or messages from Vodafone on your phone. You can check this within your message settings.

If you’re still unable to receive the one-time authorisation code (OTAC), please contact us using Live Chat.

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