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How do I turn my data caps on and off?

Switching your data cap on or off is easy. Please note that data caps are available for Pay monthly plans purchased on or after 5 May 2016 and all Mobile Broadband and tablet plans purchased after 28 September 2016. 

Consumer plans

You can turn your data cap on or off in the My Vodafone app or by logging in to My Vodafone

In the app: 

  • Choose the plus button on the data roundel to access Vodafone Data Manager
  • Switch on the data cap

Alternatively, select My products and services in the menu followed by UK data cap under Vodafone Data Manager. You can then switch the cap on or off. 

In My Vodafone:

  • Log in, and then choose Services and extras, followed by Bars and data alerts. Once you’ve opted in to the cap you’ll receive a text to confirm the cap is on

You can also turn data caps off by texting UK CAP OFF or DATA CAP OFF to 40506. Texts are free from your Vodafone mobile. Please note that the text service is only available for turning data caps OFF, not ON.

Business customers

If you are a Business customer, you can turn your data cap on by texting CAP ON to 40506, or by calling 191 to speak to an advisor. To turn it off, text CAP OFF to 40506, or call 191. Calls and texts within the UK are free from your Vodafone mobile.