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How can I reduce my bills and manage my spending?

Keep an eye on your usage

  • Download the My Vodafone app for Apple or Android to monitor your monthly usage, or check your account by logging in to My Vodafone
  • Call 44555 free from your Vodafone Pay monthly mobile, or 2345 if you’re a Pay as you go customer
  • In My Vodafone, choose Billing followed by Estimated Charges to see a running total of your estimated charges for your next billing period, and any additional charges that may take you over your plan’s allowances
  • Keep an eye out for Plan Check emails or text messages, which we send to all Pay monthly customers every 3-4 months. We’ll make personalised recommendations to help give you peace of mind and get the best value from your plan.

How to know if you’re overspending

  • If you’re likely to exceed your monthly allowance, we’ll text you to let you know

Tips for controlling your monthly spend

As well as keeping an eye on your usage throughout the month, you can also:

  • Use our data calculator to help predict your monthly data usage
  • Check our travelling abroad offers to help save you money when roaming
  • Check our calling abroad offers to help save you money when making international calls from the UK

If you exceed your monthly allowances or overspend regularly, you can: