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Why do I seem to be using more data than usual?

You generally use data when you’re online but also when you:

  • Stream videos or music from Facebook, YouTube or Spotify
  • Have apps running in the background and you check them regularly
  • Play games that include adverts on your device
  • Use your device as a sat nav
  • Send messages through Whatsapp or iMessage instead of texts
  • Tether your phone
  • Send emails
  • Allow apps to upload content
  • Switch automatically to data when a Wi-Fi connection drops

How can I limit my data usage?

  • Uninstall or close any apps you don’t use or need
  • Send texts rather than using iMessage or Whatsapp
  • Connect to Wi-Fi unless you’re using internet banking
  • Switch off mobile data when your allowance is low
  • Turn off auto updates for apps
  • Set your email to ‘Fetch’ rather than ‘Push’ in your device’s settings

Check our Community for more useful tips and tricks. Our step-by-step device guides show you how to manage the settings on your device.

How do I know when my data allowance is running low?

Just check your data allowance in the My Vodafone app or by logging in to My Vodafone

We’ll also text you when your allowance is running low. At that point we’ll recommend buying extra data or connecting to a Wi-Fi signal.