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When will you notify me about my data usage?

You’ll be notified for the first time as you near your total monthly allowance. This happens when you’ve used around 80% of your data allowance. You’ll receive the next notification when you’ve used up all of your data for the month.

If you’re on a Pay monthly plan and you use data outside your total monthly allowance, you’ll incur out-of-plan charges. If you continue to use data outside your plan, you’ll incur out-of-plan charges. If this happens, you’ll receive a further four notifications each time you’re about to consume 250MB or 500MB outside your data allowance (the amount depends on your plan). Our last alert is sent when you’ve spent £26 on additional data.

Data spend notifications are sent as text messages to the phone number using the data, and also as in-app notifications if you've downloaded the My Vodafone app.


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