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How can I dispute a charge for a premium rate service on my bill?

We work hard to ensure that only compliant services run on our network, and we put strict limits on allowing extra charges to be added to our bills.

First, take a look at ‘What is the premium rate service I’ve been charged for?’  If you’re sure that you didn’t buy the service in question, try to find out if  anyone else has had access to your phone.

If you think the charge has been added to your bill in error, you’ll need to get in touch with the service provider.  A customer services number will be provided on all advertisements for premium rate services - if you can’t find the service provider or contact number, thencontact us.  If you haven’t reached a resolution after speaking to the service provider and us, then get in touch with Phone-Paid Service Authority - the UK regulator for premium rate phone numbers and services.

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