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How much of my data allowance will I use for emails, apps, music and video?

Our data calculator will give you an idea of how much data you’re using.


Logging in, reading, and sending an email uses about 0.1MB of data. Emails with attachments or pictures will use more data, depending on the file size.


Downloading most apps uses less than 0.2MB of data, although this will vary depending on the app. On average, when using apps, you’ll use about 20MB an hour.

Music tracks  

If you download music from the internet to your device, it’ll come out of your daily or monthly data allowance. Downloading a track uses around 3MB of data, although this amount depends on its length and production quality. When streaming music, you’ll use 40-50MB of data to listen for an hour, depending on the quality setting you choose.


Downloading a video to your mobile uses lots of data: roughly 700MB for a non-HD film, and up to 4GB for an HD movie. It might be better to stream the video (where there’s no physical ‘file’ to copy) rather than downloading it (when there is), although streaming an hour of non-HD video can use 250MB and an hour of HD can use 2GB.

To avoid using large chunks of your data allowance watching videos, it’s best to download video onto your device using a private Wi-Fi network.

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