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Why is my bill different after I’ve upgraded or changed my plan, or added or removed an additional line?

I have just upgraded, changed my plan or added an additional line  

The first bill you receive after upgrading, changing your plan or adding an additional line will show more than just the new monthly charge(s).

You’ll see the full price for your new plan for a month, charged in advance, plus an additional pro-rata charge for those first few days of your new plan before your bill was produced.

If you've upgraded, there may also be other charges. A detailed explanation can be found here: I've just upgraded - why is my bill different to what I expected?

I have recently ordered a new accessory  

If you’ve ordered a new accessory, you may have been charged an upfront fee. This will appear as a one-off charge on your monthly bill. After your purchase, you’ll also receive a welcome email which lists this charge.

I have just cancelled one of my services  

If you remove or cancel one of your services mid-month, you’ll see a difference in your bill because that line was charged in advance, and we need to credit you back for the unused period in the following bill. So, for example, if you cancel 20 days before the start of your next billing period, you’ll be refunded for those 20 days. This credit will appear next to the cancelled line, plan or extra on your next bill.

Understanding your monthly bill – This short Video helps explain your bill in more detail.

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