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Why’s my bill higher than normal?

You may have:

  • Exceeded your monthly allowance of minutes, texts or data
  • Made or received calls, sent texts or used data while you were abroad
  • Called or texted international numbers
  • Called 08 or 09 numbers
  • Ordered either a new phone or accessories in the past month that have now appeared on your bill
  • Upgraded, changed your plan or added an additional line – find out more
  • Reached the end of a promotion, such as a discount on your plan
  • Entered a text competition or made a text donation

How can I find out why my bill is higher than normal?

You can log into or register for My Vodafone to see what you’ve been charged for. 

  • Once you’ve logged in, choose ‘See bill.’ 
  • Then you can see a breakdown of any out-of-plan charges and where you’ve exceeded your monthly allowance.

How do I keep track of my usage and keep bills down?

You can:

If your usage is higher than normal, you can add an extra to your plan to increase your allowances where you need them.

Find out more about managing your monthly spend or reducing your bills