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Why’s my bill higher than normal?

You may have:

  • Sent a picture message
  • Exceeded your monthly allowance of minutes, texts or data
  • Made or received calls, sent texts or used data while you were abroad
  • Called or texted international numbers
  • Called 08 or 09 numbers
  • Ordered either a new phone or accessories in the past month that have now appeared on your bill
  • Upgraded, changed your plan or added an additional line – find out more
  • An upfront charge for your new device or accessory
  • Reached the end of a promotion, such as a discount on your plan
  • Sent a message to a number to enter a competition, make a donation via text, or subscribed to an app or gaming service

How can I find out why my bill is higher than normal?

In the My Vodafone app:

You can check the items on your latest bill on the My Vodafone app. Please note, although the app’s free, if you’re not connected to Wi-Fi, downloading it will use a small amount of your data allowance.

  • Open the app and choose My bills from the main menu
  • Choose your latest bill to see an itemised list of charges

In your My Vodafone account:

You can also log in to, or register for My Vodafone to see your latest charges. 

  • Log in and choose See bill
  • Choose your latest bill to see an itemised list of charges

How do I keep track of my usage and keep bills down?

You can:

If your usage is higher than normal, you can add an extra to your plan to increase your allowances where you need them.

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