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If my device is damaged, will it cost me anything to repair?

Repair costs depend on:

  • The type of damage
  • The extent of the damage
  • Whether you’re covered by manufacturer warranty
  • Whether you have insurance

You won’t pay for repairs if:

  • You have a device fault which isn’t a direct result of your actions and you’re within your manufacturer warranty period
  • Your damage counts as in-warranty accidental damage. These are cases when you have a minor damage which is unrelated to your repair (such as a hairline crack or pixel damage)
  • The cost of the repair is covered by your insurance

You’ll be expected to pay for a repair if:

  • You have out-of-warranty accidental damage which is the result of unexpected and non-deliberate external actions (such as LCD fracture, evidence of impact, port damage and missing buttons)
  • Your device is deemed to be Beyond Economic Repair (BER). This means that your device can’t be repaired and should be replaced (such as liquid damage or it has been dropped from a significant height)

Please note: if you have a broken SIM, you can request a replacement for free.

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