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How can I find out what’s wrong with my device?

Over 75% of issues with a device can be solved by carrying out some simple steps. It’s worth trying them at home before visiting a store or sending your device away for repair, as you may fix the problem more easily than you thought.

Restart your device  

If your screen isn’t responding or apps aren’t opening correctly, try restarting your device

Update your operating system  

Update to the latest available version (making sure that your device is fully charged so the process doesn’t fail). Back up your device to avoid losing any data

Visit our Device Guides  

Visit our Device Guides for troubleshooting specific to your device

Perform a factory reset  

Follow these instructions to perform a factory reset. This will remove all pictures, music and data from your phone – back up your device first to avoid losing any files or information you want to keep

If these steps don’t work, or there’s a physical problem with your device (such as a cracked screen) that can’t be solved through our online services, please visit our Repairs page

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