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What is Vodafone Insurance and how do I get it?

Vodafone Insurance is a way to insure your Vodafone Pay monthly phone, tablet or accessory against:

  • loss, theft, damage and breakdown, or
  • damage and breakdown only

You can also add AppleCare Services when purchasing insurance for your iPhone. 

Please note: Vodafone Insurance isn't currently available for Pay as you go devices.

You can add Vodafone Insurance easily when you buy a new device or upgrade, or it can be added to an existing Pay monthly device.

If you're looking to insure an existing device, cover without AppleCare Services can be added up to 18 months into your contract, as long as your current phone is in good condition. However, you must be within 60 days of the date you purchased your device to add Vodafone Insurance with AppleCare Services.

You can add insurance or change your insurance plan by calling Vodafone Insurance Services on 0333 304 3346

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If you're a business customer, check our Vodafone Business Standard Insurance cover instead.