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What’s the difference between warranty and insurance?


Your device’s warranty covers any faults or problems you experience with its hardware or software. It doesn't cover accidental or liquid damage.

Except for Apple products, all devices come with a standard 24-month manufacturer warranty. Apple only offer a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty, but we offer an extended 24-month warranty for Apple devices. Read our FAQ for more information about our warranties


Typically, insurance will cover you against things like damage, loss or theft.

With Vodafone Insurance you can insure your Vodafone Pay monthly phone or tablet against loss, theft, damage and breakdown.

Check how to claim if you’ve got Vodafone Covered insurance.

What if I don’t have either?

We offer to repair out-of-warranty or damaged devices (excluding catastrophic or liquid damage). However, there may be a charge for this.

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