I’m having trouble accessing My Vodafone with my security code

Usually, your My Vodafone security code will come straight through to the number you’ve asked us to send it to. 

Once you’ve got this code, you’ll have 20 minutes to use it to log in. After that, you’ll need to request another one. 

If the code isn’t coming through, try going back and requesting another. Or, if you can, choose a different number to send the code to. 

If you’ve received more than one code, wait five minutes – so you can use the newest one to log in.

Check your phone settings to make sure you haven’t blocked calls or texts from Vodafone in the past, because this would stop you getting security codes.  

Still no code? 

If you’re still not getting a security code, or you’re no longer using the number the code’s being sent to, start a chat with us.