How can I manage my spending limit?

You can add, change or remove your spending limit at any time for free by managing your controls and limits – we call this Vodafone Spend Manager

You can set your limits using the My Vodafone app, or by logging into My Vodafone:

I’m using the My Vodafone app 

  1. Tap Your Plan
  2. Select Manage Bars & Extras
  3. In the menu, you will see several options such as Calling options, and Mobile data options
  4. Select what you would like to limit

I logged into My Vodafone 

  1. Select Settings
  2. Under Plan settings, tap View on the plan you want to change the details for
  3. Choose Not the right setting?
  4. Here you’ll see your options to manage your data

Or you can call us on 41156, free from your Vodafone mobile.

Any changes you make can take up to 24 hours to process. We’ll text you when the change is confirmed.

I want to manage the spending limit on a business account