How do I know what I’m controlling on my account?

The easiest way to see what bars you’ve got active and turn them on and off is in the My Vodafone app. 

If you can’t use the app right now, you can do this online too. 

My Vodafone app 

From the home screen

  1. Click on 'Manage Bars and Extras
  2. If the data control shows in the initial list it's active, click on it and turn it off


  1. Login to your My Vodafone account
  2. Click on 'Manage your controls and limits'
  3. In the section 'Active controls and limits' you can see any controls that have been added to your account
  4. Click 'Turn off' for any that you want to remove
  5. Click on the tiles above in 'Controls and limits' to choose any new controls