What are VeryMe Rewards and how do they work?

VeryMe Rewards is our customer loyalty programme – with weekly treats, giveaways and prize draws personalised to you. 

The more you use VeryMe Rewards, the more we get to see what kind of rewards you’re into – and the more we can personalise them. 

How do I get VeryMe Rewards? 

You need the My Vodafone app installed and set up to be able to get VeryMe Rewards. 

When you open the app, you’ll see the VeryMe Rewards icon in the tray next to TOBi. Or, if you’ve got a Pay as you go account, the icon is ‘Rewards’. Tap the icon to enter the world of VeryMe Rewards.

At the moment, not everybody can get VeryMe Rewards – find out who can

  Download from the Play Store   Download from the Huawei App Gallery