What’s Vodafone Secure Net?

Vodafone Secure Net protects you and your family’s phones, tablets and computers from viruses, harmful sites and files. It also restricts access to certain content – the stuff you don’t want your kids looking at.    

Who can get Vodafone Secure Net? 

If you’ve got a mobile plan with us, you can get Secure Net. 

You can also sign up for a free 3-month Secure Net trial. After that, it’s just £1 a month. 

Secure Net for Business is a little different – it’s not included on all plans.  

How do I set up Vodafone Secure Net? 

First, make sure you’re connected to our mobile data network – so using a 4G or 5G signal to get online.

Secure Net won’t work if your device is connected to the internet with WiFi – even if you’ve got Vodafone Home Broadband. 

To set up Secure Net: 

  1. Log in to Vodafone Secure Net
  2. Follow the onscreen steps to get started 

How do I deactivate Secure Net? 

To find out how to deactivate Secure Net, visit our guide