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What do the lights on my router mean?

Vodafone router VOX 3

1. Power:

  • white and stable means your power is on 

2. Internet:

  • white blinking means your router is connecting to the internet 
  • white stable means your router is connected fine to the internet
  • red blinking means there’s an issue - please check your user guide for further information 

3. Phone:

  • white stable means you can make a voice call
  • white blinking means there’s a call in progress
  • red stable means that there’s been a failure to connect the voice service

4. Mobile:

  • white stable means that your router is connected using a mobile dongle

5. Wi-Fi:

  • white stable means your Wi-Fi is on and working correctly
  • white blinking slowly means that the Wi-Fi is pairing a device
  • red blinking means that a pairing attempt has failed
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