Can I get my bill as a VAT receipt?

For a monthly bill 

Get a VAT invoice for your monthly airtime bills or Phone, Tablet or Watch Plan payments by calling us on 191.

We can give you VAT invoices for the last 12 months, or you can choose to get future invoices in VAT format.

You’ll be able to view and download your VAT invoice in My Vodafone 24 hours after you call.

For a one-off purchase or payment 

To get a VAT receipt for something other than your airtime or device plan (like a phone or accessory purchase, or early termination fee payment), request a VAT receipt online

The date shown in the top-right of your VAT invoices may be different to the date on your previous bills. This is because it’s the date we created the invoice for you, not the dates covered by the bill.