I want to cancel my home broadband service

To cancel your Vodafone home broadband contract, give us a call.

Make sure you've got your Vodafone account number ready.

Cancelling in the first 14 days

You can cancel your broadband free of charge during the first 14 days.

However, if we've already started your service during these 14 days, you'll need to pay for what you've already used. This includes:

  • Line rental
  • Extras you've bought
  • Services not covered by your line rental (such as international or premium rate calls)
  • Activation, installation, connection, and any maintenance fees you agreed when setting up your broadband service

Cancelling before your contract has expired

If you want to cancel after 14 days, but before your contract has expired, then you need to pay for your remaining contract. This is called the early termination fee.

Your early termination fee equals your monthly charge multiplied by the number of months left on your contract.

Moving to an address with no coverage

If you need to cancel your contract because you're moving home to an address where you can't get Vodafone Broadband, you don't need to pay an early termination fee for your remaining contract. This does not apply if you are moving abroad, and you will still need to pay the early termination fee.

Find out more on our Home Moves page and T&Cs