Why is my broadband being upgraded to full fibre?

The UK government is retiring the old copper network over the next few years so we’re upgrading everyone to full fibre broadband. Full fibre gives you a more reliable connection, higher quality calls, and much higher broadband speeds. 

This means if you’re on one of our Fibre 1 or Fibre 2 plans, we’ll be getting in touch throughout 2023 to upgrade you to Full Fibre 80, with speeds up to 80Mbps. 

It won’t cost you any extra and it won’t change the end date of your plan or phone number. If you rent your home, you need permission from your landlord before we can upgrade your broadband. 

After your upgrade to full fibre is completed, you can see what we have on offer and get even faster speeds with our full range of broadband plans 

How it’s different 

As well as faster and more reliable broadband, you’ll also get clearer calls as we move your home phone line to Digital Voice.  

This works a bit differently to a traditional line, so if you rely on your phone line for emergency calls, or for health or security alarms, you’ll need to check that these still work with Digital Voice. 

Find out more about changing to Digital Voice

What installation is needed 

An Openreach engineer needs to visit to run a small fibre cable from where the network is located to your property. This will either be an underground or overhead install, depending on where you live. A discreet wall box will also be installed on the outside of your home. The engineer will work with you to decide where your fibre connection box (ONT) will be located.  

We’ve sent you an email with a useful video about what to expect on install day.   

Find out how Openreach install full fibre 

What you need to do 

We'll keep you updated before we do anything, and let you know when the engineer will visit. The first text message you’ll receive will say “Thank you for your order.” You don’t need to do anything at that time.  

We’ll then send you an email and text message with your installation date. You can change the date and ask us any questions by replying to either of them.  

New equipment 

We'll send you any new equipment you need. If we send you a new router, you’ll need to use this for full fibre broadband to work correctly. Just follow the instructions and make sure it's set up on the date we tell you – we'll also send you a reminder. 

How your first bill will change 

The amount you pay in total won't change, and we won't change your plan or any call bundles you have. However, your first bill might look different as it will include: 

  • The next month's Full Fibre 80 bill up front 
  • A refund from your Fibre 1 or 2 plan – because you paid in advance, you'll get money back from the days you didn't use 

If you don’t want to upgrade yet 

You can delay your upgrade for now, but this means you’ll stay with your current broadband plan which is slower and less reliable. Over the coming years every home will have to move to full fibre, because the UK government is retiring the old copper network across the country. 

If you’re sure you don’t want to upgrade yet, you can reply to the emails or texts we’ve sent you and we’ll get in touch to confirm you want to cancel your upgrade:

  • Email – follow the link, I’d like some help 
  • Text message – reply CANCEL 

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