What is Digital Voice?

Digital Voice or VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) connects your home phone through your router and uses your broadband connection to let you to make and receive calls.

Why we're moving to Digital Voice

We're moving all home phones to Digital Voice as part of the Openreach plan to upgrade everyone in the UK

You'll get clearer calls, it won't cost any extra, and it won't change how you make phone calls or use your broadband.

How it's different

If you have Digital Voice, you plug your phone cable into your router, instead of plugging it straight into the wall. 

Digital Voice might affect some of the things that use your landline.

In a power cut you can't make calls

Your telephone connects to your router for Digital Voice, so if the router loses power, you won't be able to use your landline until it comes back on.

This is important if you want to make emergency calls – you need to have a mobile phone with signal.

If you rely on your home phone for accessibility needs, and don't have a mobile to make emergency calls, chat to us.

Phone extension sockets won't work

Any extra telephone sockets in your home won't work after you switch to Digital Voice. You'll need to plug all phones into the back of the router or use wireless phones that work with Digital Voice.

Alarms might not work

Anything that uses your telephone wiring, such as Telecare devices, or monitored alarms such as smoke and security alarms, might not work with Digital Voice.

Contact your local authority or the maker of the device to check. You might be able to get a backup power supply in case of a power cut.

No Vodafone voicemail or conference calls

Digital Voice doesn't work with Vodafone voicemail, conference calls, call diversion, or call management features (like anonymous caller rejection).

You can still use voicemail on phones that come with built-in answer machines.

What you need to do when your line moves to Digital Voice

We'll keep you updated before we do anything to your line, and let you know when to set up your equipment.

The change will happen automatically – we usually do it at night so that it's working in the morning.

You probably won't need an engineer visit – if you do, we'll let you know.

If you’re transferring a landline number over to us, it could take around two working days for your number to activate. 

New equipment

We'll send you any new equipment you need. This will include an adapter to plug your phone into your router, and a new router if you have one of our older models.

You'll just need to follow the instructions and make sure it's set up on the date we tell you – we'll also send you a reminder.

How your first bill will change

The amount you pay in total won't change, and we won't change your plan. However, your first bill might look different, as it will include:

  • Next month's bill up front
  • A refund from your old plan – because you paid in advance, you'll get money back from the days you didn't use