What is Vodafone Digital Voice (VoIP)?

With Vodafone digital voice or VoIP (voice over internet protocol), you can make calls over your internet connection at no extra cost.

The traditional copper phone network is on the way out, and by 2025 everyone will be moving to digital phone lines. But don’t worry, we’ve been providing Digital Voice services for over 15 years, so we’ve got you covered.

If you’ve got Vodafone full fibre broadband, you can switch to Digital Voice today in one simple step. 

The sound quality will be sharper, clearer and there’ll be less interference overall. 

You’ll still use your home phone in the same way, it’ll just be plugged into your WiFi Hub instead of the wall.

Things to consider before you switch:

  • Extra telephone extension sockets will stop working – any extra telephone extension sockets in your home won’t work after you switch to Digital Voice. So, if you have anything that uses your telephone wiring, like a burglar alarm or health alarm, this may be affected. Get in touch with your alarm/service provider to check if your system is compatible with Digital Voice (VoIP) technology.
  • In a power cut - your telephone will connect to your WiFi Hub for Digital Voice, so if there’s a power cut you won’t be able to use your landline until the power returns. 
  • Other services - Vodafone Digital Voice does not currently support conference calls or voicemail.
  • You’ll need full fibre broadband - digital Voice is currently only available with a full fibre broadband connection. If you have a full fibre connection, you’ll have a fibre connection box in your WiFi set-up. 

Want to get Digital Voice? Find out more and upgrade to Vodafone full fibre broadband