How can I find and change my WiFi name and password?

You can change your Vodafone WiFi name and password in the Vodafone Broadband app, and Vodafone Broadband Portal in your web browser.

If you're connected on a WiFi device, changing the WiFi name or password will remove you from the network. You'll need to reconnect with your new details.

Vodafone Broadband app

  1. Check your WiFi is on
  2. Open your Vodafone Broadband app
  3. Go to the WiFi section and tap the pencil icon
  4. You can edit the Network name and Password by tapping them
  5. Tap the tick to apply the changes

Vodafone Broadband Portal

Your device needs to be connected to the router either by WiFi or with a cable. We recommend a PC or laptop.

  1. Type in the browser address bar
  2. When you first log in, it'll ask you to reset or change the password
  3. Log in again with your new password
  4. Enter the password vodafone
  5. Choose Expert mode
  6. Then WiFi on the banner
  7. Choose General WiFi Settings
  8. Scroll down to change your password and choose Apply