How is Vodafone Broadband installed?

How we install your broadband depends on where you live and what broadband speed you get. Find out what broadband speed we can offer you

Installation can take up to four hours. Our engineers will test your service to make sure you’re up and running. Someone over the age of 18 must be at home. 

Speeds of up to 63Mbps  

If you need a new phone line

  • On the day, the engineer will discuss your options with you and find the best place to install the new phone socket in your home
  • The installation may take a few hours - after it's finished, set up your router

If you don’t need a new phone line

  • Set up your router – make sure you connect it before 8am on the day of activation
  • Leave the router turned on until the internet is connected – it should be up and running by midnight on the same day

Speeds over 63Mbps  

On the day of installation, our engineers will run a small cable from your closest street cabinet directly to your home using one of the methods below.

There are two types of installation:

  • Overhead: The fibre wire running from the exchange to your home will use a telephone pole. Please note that for safety reasons, our engineer may have to drill a small hole in your property to secure a ladder. This will be filled after the engineers has finished. 
  • Underground: The fibre wire running from the exchange to your home will run from the street into your home. On occasion, we might need to create a route. We’ll always consult with you before we do this. 

When the cable reaches your home, the engineers will: 

  • Drill a small hole in your property for the new fibre optic cable to enter the property 
  • Fit a new connection box to the outside wall 
  • Put your Openreach modem inside next to two power sockets 

I don’t need an engineer visit 

If you already have a fibre connection box and are setting up Vodafone broadband without an engineer, you’ll need to set up your router 

Check your devices work with a fibre connection 

Openreach might take out the old copper telephone line when the new fibre optic cable is put in. This means any devices connected to phone lines, such as care alarms, may not work. Please check with your device manufacturer. 

Get permission for works 

If your property has a shared driveway or is a listed building, you'll need to sign a Wayleave Agreement to confirm you have permission for the installation. 

If you live in a rented property, you might need permission from your landlord for the installation itself or any related work, like drilling holes.