How is Vodafone broadband installed?

How Vodafone Broadband is installed depends on the speeds and plan you get. Check broadband speeds for your area 

Installation can take up to four hours – our engineers will test your service to make sure you’re connected. Someone over the age of 18 must be at home for the installation. 

Make sure you have permission 

It’s important to get permission before an installation, for example, if you have a shared driveway or your building is rented or listed. You’ll need to sign a wayleave agreement to confirm you have permission.

Full fibre

On the day of installation our engineers will run a cable from a nearby street cabinet to your home.

In some cases, they’ll need to dig a route through your garden or driveway to install a fibre wire – they’ll always talk to you before this happens. 

Get more information about what to expect on the day by watching: 

You’ll need to make sure all your devices, such as personal and care alarms, will work with your fibre connection – please check with your device manufacturer or provider.


  • The engineer will work with you to install a master socket if you need one 
  • Follow the instructions for setting up your router on the day of activation 
  • Leave the router turned on until you’re connected to the internet – it should start working by midnight the same day

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