What do the lights on my router mean?

Vox 3 router with five indicator lights‚Äč

Does your router look different?

Vodafone VOX 3 Broadband Router

1. Power:

  • White – power is on
  • No light – power isn't on. Check that all wires are connected and that it’s turned on at the wall. Then press the power button at the back to turn on the router.
  • Red – it will be temporarily red when powering on, but if it’s red for longer than five minutes, there’s been a system failure. Please factory reset your device and if that doesn’t help, get in touch.

2. Internet:

  • White – router is connected to the internet
  • Flashing white – router is connecting to the internet
  • Flashing red – router is trying to connect. If this goes on for longer than five minutes, check all cables are connected and then restart the router by pressing the power button.

3. Phone:

  • White – you can make calls
  • Flashing white – call in progress
  • Red – can't connect to the voice service (Vodafone Business customers only). Try turning your router off and on again and if that doesn’t help, please get in touch.

4. Mobile:

  • White – Vodafone Backup Dongle is connected and working (Vodafone Pro customers only)
  • Flashing/pulsing red – dongle is connected but there is an issue. Please start a chat with us below.
  • Red – dongle is connected but no SIM card is detected. Check your SIM is inserted correctly and if you’re still getting this issue, please start a chat with us.

5. WiFi:

  • White – WiFi is on and working correctly
  • Pulsing white – WiFi is pairing a device
  • No light – WiFi is disabled

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