How do I set up my broadband router after I move home?

If you’re moving home, you’ll need to take your router with you to your new address. On your activation date, you’ll need to connect the router and perform a factory reset to sync with the broadband network.

First, watch our handy video to make sure you’re set up to connect to the internet.


Then perform a factory reset:

  1. With your router plugged in, look for the pinhole at the back of the hub (either above or next to the power button)
  2. Insert a pin and push until you hear a click, then continue to hold for 15 seconds
  3. This will restore your router to its factory settings

A factory reset will reset the name and password for your WiFi network to the default info. This can be found on the back of your router. Find out how to change your WiFi name and password again

The service at your new address should then go live by midnight.

If your service is not active by midnight, please turn your router off for at least 30 seconds before turning it back on. It should take your router one or two minutes to power on and sync with the network.

If you continue to experience any issues with your broadband, visit our broadband support tool.