How do I improve my WiFi signal?

Lots of things can affect your WiFi speed, for example, large objects or electrical devices can interfere with the signal, and if lots of devices are connected to your hub it’ll be slower.

Get the best possible signal from your device:

  • Cut down on interference by moving it away from other electrical items like your TV or baby monitors.
  • Position it so you have a clean line of sight between your router/hub and main devices. When your device can ‘see’ the router without anything in the way, you should have the best signal. 
  • Keep it out of enclosed spaces like cupboards.
  • Disconnect any unused devices through the Vodafone Broadband app - just tap Connected Devices
  • Move it as close to the centre of the room or home as possible – while still connected to your master socket (if you have one).

I think my internet is slower than it should be