Why has my account been cancelled?

If we cancelled your mobile or broadband service, the most likely reason is that we’re missing payments from you.

We only cancel services as a last resort, so if we’ve taken this action, you should’ve received a warning from us in advance.

Pay off your bill

To check and pay off any outstanding balances, you can either: 

  • Open the My Vodafone app and choose Billing on the homescreen
  • Start a chat with us
  • Call us on 56677 free from your Vodafone mobile

Once you’ve paid your bill, you should be able to use your service again within two hours. 

I’ve paid, but my account’s still cancelled 

If you think we’ve made a mistake, start a chat with us and one of our advisers will look into it. 

If your broadband bills are up to date but you can’t access the internet, there might be a technical problem. Check your router and see how you might be able to fix it using our Home Broadband support tool